Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the Needles

Trying to keep up with regular life duties in addition to the added activities of summer, plus swatching and working out some new ideas for patterns is keeping me from doing as much personal knitting as I'd like, but I have managed to make some progress on my summer top mentioned in an earlier post.  

So far the crocheted blocks have been arranged and joined, a contrasting crocheted  band has been inserted, and the bodice has been picked up and knitted down to the hem.  

When I picked up knit stitches around the yoke, I added some gathers for a bit of soft fullness in the bust, and added gentle waist shaping to allow for a comfortable, but  body-skimming fit that remains figure-flattering.  

Two rows of crocheted edgings have been worked around the inside of the neckline and I am now beginning the crocheted edging around the hem.  

I was considering adding more blocks to the hem, but decided against this as I want the skirt of the bodice to have a lot of flow and drape, which blocks would have ruined.  I do, however, wish the hem to have a bit of visual weight and some continuity with the yoke, so I'm experimenting this week with more contrast edging matching that in the yoke.  

I like this little top as a camisole style as-is, but I don't know if I will wear it much this way, so I'm considering various sleeve options.  For now I plan to finish the hem edging and add some sort of closure to the keyhole opening in the yoke, but I might leave it sleeveless just for now to see how I like it.  



  1. Robin, this is beautiful. The contrast between the grey part and the lace is lovely. If I may say it, I don't think sleeves belong here; however, you may never know! You can wear it with something that has sleeves. By the way, did you like Katia Linen? I've been looking at this yarn and exactly this colour.

  2. Thank you very much for the nice comment Anna! I am with you in thinking I can easily layer this top over something else that has sleeves if I want more coverage. I am liking it more and more just the way it is. Besides, that way I have a FO now, LOL.

    I do like the Katia Linen, it is less refined than something like Louet Euroflax, with looser plies, but the rustic, crunchy texture is lovely. It can get a tad splitty at times though, because of that. I found it easier to knit with than to crochet. And it comes in such beautiful colors!