Saturday, August 21, 2010

FO - Pink Lace Scarf

My little pink lace scarf is finally blocked and wearable!  I originally began this as a small swatch to see how I liked the combination of yarn and stitches and I just kept going with it until it became a full-length scarf, sort of a swatch-gone-wild, LOL...  I'm considering expanding on this theme for a different, upcoming project.  

The yarn I used is a beautiful, fingering-weight Hamanaka Paume Mukuwata Crochet cotton yarn (at least, I think that's what this is as I tried to match up the symbols!).  It was sent to me by Cynthia, a fellow Ravelry member from Hong Kong (Swkwok). I used a little less than 4 balls, about 375 yards or so, knit on size US #4/ 3.5 mm needles.  

I love the lines of the eyelets and although the biased nature of the stitch causes the fabric to curl a bit, a modified garter rib edging and blocking took care of a lot of that.

This scarf is so lightweight and soft around the neck and I think I will wear it a lot as the weather begins to cool.  I love a scarf as an accent to any outfit, even with simply plain jeans and a top. 

For something that really was meant to be only a test, I'm pretty happy with my new scarf!  


  1. Robin, this is lovely! Recently I tend to think about diagonal lace patterns. I imagine such a scarf would be nice in some rayon-blend yarn (cotton-rayon) or in a not very thin wool.

  2. Thank you so much Anna! You and I seem to gravitate towards similar things. :) I love your idea of making something similar in a rayon blend (nice drape!) or fine wool.

  3. Thank you very much Laurie! It went pretty fast considering it was a rather fine gauge.

  4. do u have any ritten pattern available for this scarf??...can u share it plzzz