Friday, August 6, 2010


Sorry it's been quiet around here, our power and phones have been out for a couple of days and we've been scrambling to buy ice to try to salvage our food, rustle up candles and flashlights, etc! At least I got a little knitting time in. 

I've made some progress on two of my lace projects, one a floral/ leafy pattern, another is a slanting eyelet combination and I'll share more about those in another post eventually.  I'm cooking up two more lace jacket ideas, and a shawlette or two, or three...   If I like them I'll eventually post about those here too.  Also planning to cast on for some hats and maybe a mohair top soon.

Several people have written to ask me if I plan to write up a pattern for my blue Hempathy summer top.  The answer is...

Maybe.  I am currently focusing on cooler weather projects for upcoming fall, but I will likely play around with some ideas for this during the winter.  Probably it will not contain crochet however, as it seems many people do not do both crafts or at least, not enough to want to include them both in a single project other than for trim, binding off, etc.  So if I do this pattern I would consider an all-knitted variation, but I'm open to ideas on that.  

Another project I worked on this week is a wool version of a linen cardi-shrug I made this summer.  It's a texture piece and I'm swatching this in a copper-colored Malabrigo, but also considering a soft gray (I love gray!), and a wool/ alpaca blend in sky blue.  This will be extensively test knit before it is released (as all my patterns are), so look for it hopefully around October.

My husband and I are going on a yarnie adventure this weekend so I will have details to share about that soon.   Have a great weekend!


  1. Did you lose your power in the big storm? Hope it's back soon and you have a great yarnie weekend - cant' wait to read about it!

  2. Hi Laurie -

    The strange thing is it was hours after the storm had passed. And only on streets here and there, rather than all over. Hmmm...