Sunday, August 15, 2010

Relaxing with a Good Cuppa'

There are few things I find as relaxing as a good cup of tea and some quiet time to knit.  It's a great way to gather my thoughts in the afternoon, even if I have just 15 minutes to spare.  

I enjoy all sorts of black teas as well as special blends and herbal tisanes, but one of my everyday favorites is a Darjeeling tea flavored with a little vanilla bean.  

If you decide to try this remedy to the ills born of a hectic day,  however, take care not to drink your tea over your knitting.  I learned, the hard way, to carefully push my knitting aside when taking a sip!

I've finally finished my pink cotton lace project.  What started as a simple swatch to try out a pretty lace stitch in a lovely yarn I received in a swap (from Hong Kong from Swkwok on Ravelry), turned into a full-length scarf. 

This happened partly because I enjoyed playing with the stitch so much I just kept going, and partly because I had four balls of gorgeous, soft, fingering-weight cotton Hamanaka Paume Mukuwata Crochet yarn to work with.  I used almost all of the yarn, about 375 yards, and I love the finished drapey, elegant scarf.

I'll post better photos after I've blocked the scarf.  


  1. Robin, I know what you mean by saying you just could not resist playing with the sitches and put the alleged swatch aside:). Your project looks like fun, I am looking forward to seeing the whole scarf!

  2. LOL, Anna! I can't say I always love to swatch, but in this case, it went pretty fast, even in the light yarn. :-)

  3. I enjoy doing the same, only coffee is usually my beverage of choice. I like tea...I just always drift toward coffee. :-) Lovely swatch.

  4. Thanks Laurie. :-) I like a little coffee now and then too, especially mocha latte, yum! See you at the spin-in!

  5. The scarf looks too yummy! As for tea, make mine Earl Grey, no lemon, no sugar, no cream. I'm a tea purist!

    xo Erin

  6. LOL, thanks Erin! I think the scarf looks a bit like pink frosting... Nice to know another tea fan. I like the blackest tea first thing in the AM, and I drink it sweeter as the day goes on, go figure!