Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Wrap Up


I've been knitting away this week on a new pullover, my cardi shrug and several versions of another lace project, to be unveiled soon.  

But I did promise to share a little about some of the yarn shops I visited last week over the Labor Day holiday, so here they are.

On Saturday, we stopped in Avon, Ohio, at Birds of a Feather, a combination knitting and quilting shop. This is a relatively new location for the store, as they went from a renovated barn to a renovated bank building.  

The staff was very friendly and they had an interesting mix of yarn.  I did not make any serious purchase, but did find several yarn odds and ends for 50 cents each, in the sale room at the back of the store.

This is the view upon entering the store.

After heading out of town, we drove by a giant alpaca farm, where hundreds of alpacas and babies were frolicking and stampeding, or grazing peacefully in their fields.  Sorry for a not-so-great photo, this was taken from a moving car!

On Sunday, we drove to Marblehead, Ohio, home of the historic Marblehead lighthouse.   

We spent a while just enjoying the sunshine and walking around giant rock ledges.  That's me in the tan outfit, wearing one of my knitted projects.

Our dog also enjoyed exploring the rocks.  

Lastly, we stopped at Just For Ewe yarn shop, tucked away in a wooded cul-de-sac off of a busy main thoroughfare.

 Owner Christi Soski offers free, introductory knitting and crochet classes - a great way to build a customer base - and she also loves spinning.

Christi is just as helpful and nice as can be, and she organizes her fiber by color rather than weight, making for a very bold impression upon entering the store. 

One of the buildings in the small 'village' of Just for Ewe shops is the "Yarn Barn"

 with these signs on the front,

and it's enclosure for animals including at times, alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and a friendly miniature Australian Shepherd dog named Cody. 

This fella' has horns so large it's a wonder he can hold his head up.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with relatives, cooking dinner or hanging around my MIL's home, catching up on my knitting projects, some of which I showed in my last post

I won't be getting any knitting in tonight because we are heading over to a spin-in, but that's just as fun!  I'm also thrilled to be heading to a couple of fabulous fiber festivals this month, the first of which is this weekend.  I'll be taking you there in my post next week!



  1. Are you going to Yellow Springs? I'll be there on Sunday - hope to see you!

    I haven't been to that area of northern Ohio in over 25 looks lovely. I don't remember yarn shops back then, so the area is MUCH improved! LOL!

  2. You bet I am! Sorry I'll miss you though, I'm going on Saturday - probably storm the tents, LOL... Have a great time and we'll have to compare notes after. :)