Sunday, October 31, 2010

FO - Shawlette & Malabrigo Sock Yarn Review

Although I love to make up my own knitting projects, while on vacation I like to take along projects designed by other people to give myself a break from always working out something for myself.  

On my recent trip to New Mexico, I took several of those projects I'd been wanting to knit, including a mini shawl by designer Ysolda Teague called Ishbel.

It seems like everyone and their sister has knit this except me, so after perusing my stash for yarn possibilities, I selected Malabrigo Sock in colorway Solis, stuffed it into my travel tote and cast on practically the second my rear end hit the airport waiting lounge seat for the first flight.

I wanted something interesting enough to keep my attention, and not so complicated that I couldn't put it down and pick it up easily.  That is exactly what I got with Ishbel.  

Normally, I might or might not choose sock yarn for a shawl, depending on the yarn in question.  This is only because sock yarn is usually spun for durability, often with added nylon and sometimes extra twist, which is perfect for socks but doesn't always translate to great softness and drape desirable for a shawl.

However, after seeing so many successful shawl projects in this yarn on Ravelry, I decided to give it a try, and I'm glad I did.    

I knit the stockinette portion on size US 7/ 4.5 mm, and the lace on size US 8/ 5 mm Knitpicks Options metal needles.  

Malabrigo Sock was nice to knit with - not too scratchy, not too soft - and not splitty.  It has a fair amount of stretch, good drape and softness on the neck.  I encountered no knots, and only one or two tiny white/ undyed spots in the skein that were so nominal I left them in.

The yarn held it's dye very well in a Eucalan soak, and the stitches opened up nicely with blocking.  

I have not knit socks with this yarn, but I would not hesitate to try it for that or for any number of projects, including the flowing, fine-gauge cardigans so popular these days.  

Affordably priced and in beautiful, hand-dyed colors, Malabrigo Sock yarn seems like a real bargain, and paired with a nice pattern like Ishbel, a great project!


  1. I love your Ishbel! I'm also one of the few who haven't knit it yet, but it's on my to-do list. Malabrigo sock is one of my favorite yarns to knit with! I have a WIP pair of socks in it and the one sock I do have done feel amazing on the feet. Then again, I love fingering weight so don't have the same problem as you knitting in it! ;)

  2. Now I'm the only person on the planet who has not yet knit Ishbel. LOL! I do love knitting shawls with Malabrigo Sock, and the colorways are just amazing.

  3. Thanks guys! And at least now I don't feel like the only person who hadn't made one.

  4. It really looks wonderful! Maybe now I am the only remaining person who has not made one:)

  5. Anna, thank you! And you would enjoy making this too I think.. :)

  6. Great to see a nice review of the Malabrigo, complete with gorgeous finished product. I've only worked with one Mal yarn (and a bulky one at that), so glad to hear the sock weight stuff is worthwhile too.