Friday, October 15, 2010

New Knitting Pattern - Greyhaven

Today I am very excited to present a new pattern for you to enjoy, the Greyhaven lace cowl.  I designed this cowl to be an easy-to-knit, quick project, great for yourself or a special gift.

The pattern offers both written directions and lace charts for easy knitting, and the small size requires less than one 100g skein of worsted-weight yarn. The larger size uses less than two skeins.

Knit in the round seamlessly, the Greyhaven lace stitch pattern uses basic increases and decreases and one double decrease (SK2P) . The first garter stitch border takes advantage of a softly waving edge, along with a simple decrease sequence.

A version of the Greyhaven lace pattern stitch is seen in several national knitting cultures, but this particular variation is one I adapted myself from a traditional Estonian stitch for this pattern.

The Greyhaven lace cowl knitting pattern is available here on my blog, and through Ravelry as a PDF download. I'd love to know if you make this cowl, so please let me know!  I might even feature a photo of your completed project.  

You can read a more detailed description of this pattern here.


  1. Lovely cowl, Robin! I am in no position to guess what Greyheaven means:) The stitch you use here is one of my favourite and it is known in the Estonian tradition as "tornikiri" (tower stitch). It is almost universal and looks wonderful in many yarns.

  2. Exquisite Pattern! Thank you so much for offering it to us. I'm very glad you've taken the leap of faith to share your blessed inspirations with the world.

  3. Anna and Abbensmom, thank you very much for the kind comments on my new pattern, it was fun to make and I am so happy to share it with you and the other talented knitters out there!

  4. Could "Greyhaven" refer to the "grey havens" from Tolkein's Lord of the Rings? I can't remember if that's exactly what he called it, but it's the first thing I thought of.
    I'm knitting a version in the Malabrigo worsted and it's delightful. Thank you for sharing the lovely pattern!

  5. Elise, you have posted the correct answer! A few folks over on Ravelry had it right, but you are the one to post it here, so you are the winner! Are you a Ravelry memeber?

  6. Lovely cowl! I'm definitely going to make this one - maybe in the new Malabrigo Rios. Then again, I'm quite fond of Ultra Alapaca. Maybe both... ;-)

  7. Thanks Laurie! I haven't tried the Mal Rios yet, sounds pretty. Once you get the hang of the stitch, you can crank these out about one a day - ask me how I know, LOL... :)