Friday, January 21, 2011

Who's got the button?

My gray tweed cardigan is finally blocked and dry and I have to decide on just the right button.  As this is a one-button closure the right button choice can really make the sweater.

I had in mind pewter metallic or solid black, so I dug through my stash to see what I have. 

Turns out, not much that will work.  What I have on hand are some fussy, vintage black glass (totally not right for this simple style), and some carved bone brown/ black ones (a little better, but maybe too organic).   I'm totally open to ideas, so any suggestions or links appreciated. 

I'll have FO photos and a full run-down on this project once I find a great button!
It's always fun when a new Knitty comes out, and this Winter issue includes an interesting variety of designs with a pretty fair balance of sweaters and accessories (photos from

I especially love Heather Desserud's Chrysanthemums, a Norwegian stranded mitten design, and all the other nice color work projects in this issue. 
Sock lovers will be intrigued with the architectural Maeva, by Stefanie Bold, with it's Art Deco-ish cables and ribs.  An appealing design for both men and women I think.

Winter 2011 has lots of sweaters to love including Teva Durham's lacy  Lady Lovelace cardigan and capelet set, Kathleen Dames' Turn of the Glass fitted cardigan and Karina Liu's Jacqueline collared jacket. 

Knittyspin's  simple, trendy earflap hat Southern Lights, by Christine McCormick, might be good for my husband who stands at a cold bus stop every morning.  

Speaking of spinning, so far I am making good on my goals for 2011 by spinning a little bit every week.

This 4 pound batch of natural beige Louet Coopworth roving will take me forever!  

Although beautiful, this fiber may not be completely spun and ready to knit until winter 2012...  I might have to intersperse some more lively rovings in between now and then to keep me motivated.   Goodness knows I have plenty in my stash.

Have a fun, safe weekend and as always, peace, blessings and happy knitting to you!


  1. Love the pocket on your cardi:-)) I just finished my first packet of the same shape. It was fun to knit :-))) I need to look for buttons too for the cardigan I am finishing. I am thinking to look on etsy. They have a lot nice choices over there.

  2. I know what you are saying about looking for and finding a right button! Sometimes it seems that it is easier to buy buttons frist and then, based on them, to design a garment:)

  3. Thank you Diana, I think the designer had a cute style in mind with this, but it was not easy to apply to the front! Etsy is a really great idea for buttons, I'll look there. :)

    Anna, you are so right - sometimes I think it IS easier to choose the button first, LOL!

  4. I love the Cartouche shawl! Am making another Brattleboro Hat for my friend who is having chemo - and I found the perfect buttons in the pile Monica shared with us at knitting group the other week!

  5. Laurie - How kind of you to make such a nice gift for your friend. I'm sure she will cherish it and the warm feelings that you put in while stitching it. :)