Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches

I am finally home from a wonderful trip to beautiful northern Michigan (see photo above), and I've got lots of knitting progress, yarn shops, photos and new experiences to blog about,  but most of that will have to wait since we are now in the midst of the monster storm bashing much of the US.  

Winds are gusting at up to 50 mph, a neighbor's giant tree crashed down across our street, blocking the roadway, and the icy roads are like glass. The dog has not yet been blown away as she goes outside to do her 'business', but I'm keeping her on a short leash and holding onto the deck railing - what an adventure!

Our power was out overnight (we burrowed under many layers of duvets and stayed toasty warm) and although the lights are currently on, it is intermittent, so just a quick update to let everyone know we are OK and I'll post when our power is reliably steady (despite it's occasional drawbacks, I love winter - yes those are snowshoes on my feet!).

Today is Groundhog Day in the US and Canada, and both Punxatawney Phil and Buckeye Chuck failed to see their shadows, a prediction for an early spring!  An early spring has only been forecast 16 of the 114 seasons of prediction.

Wild winter weather, predicitons of an early spring...  these remind me that "to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.."

Progress continues on my Cascade 220 top-down cardigan, which was nearly one quarter complete when I completely frogged it and re-knit the yoke from the beginning because I was not happy with the experimental rate of increases, or the general proportions of the stitch patterns.

I enjoy a project like this to sink my teeth into and I'm loving how it's turning out now that I'm finally into the pattern stitch.
I'll have a proper post hopefully soon, until then, happy knitting!


  1. I love winter, too, but this one is a little irritating. I have my stepdaughter, her husband, the baby and the dog camped out in my living room after a big limb tore all their power lines out last night. Her sister had come up from Cincinnati to visit and may be joining the party later. Woo-hoo!

    Looking forward to seeing that sweater - knitting it, too!

  2. Snow can be such a pain, but it's SO pretty! I love all the snow shots, and hooray for an early spring! :)

    Also, stay warm! I hope your power doesn't go out again. One of the great things about living in NYC... all our power lines are underground!

  3. Laurie, I hope your situation has calmed down now that the weather is better. ;) I prescribe lots of knitting therapy!

    Thank you Lina, you are fortunate indeed to have buried power lines!