Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Belle

I am such a sentimental fool - I cry when I see anything touching, stirring, romantic or sad -  and one romantic thing I love is a wedding.  I was especially touched when a bride recently chose the Brandywine Falls wrap to wear for her most special day (all photos courtesy of Battywing).

Ravelry knitter Battywing knit this wrap as a gift for her friend's wedding and she did such a beautiful job with it! What a lovely way for the bride and her friend to share the 'countdown' preparations for the big event.  

I am so honored to have been 'included' in this wonderful occasion and I wish the bride and groom every happiness and blessing as they begin a new life together.  Yes, I teared up when I saw this stunning project.

The bride looks absolutely beautiful in every way, but the sparkle in her eye and happy smile are the best part.  And I think the wedding photo at the top of this post, of the bridal couple gazing at each other, is simply precious - the look of love.


  1. Śliczna panna młoda. I śliczna narzutka.

  2. I am glad for you, Robin! This should be very flattering for a designer.

  3. Ela, Dziękuję bardzo za komentarze rodzaju! :)

  4. Anna, you are so sweet to say so, thank you very much. My heart was so touched by this lovely gesture by a friend to make this for the bride. A true privilege for me to see it.

  5. So beautiful - I'm kvelling, too! Makes me want to have another wedding (renew vows, maybe?) so I can wear a wonderful hand knit. :-)