Sunday, August 7, 2011

FO - Beach Glass Shawl

My most recent finished object is a shawl knit from the Tulips pattern designed by the talented Diana Rozenshteyn, aka Deenulya on Ravelry.  

Diana has designed several lovely knitting patterns, but this is the first I've had the opportunity to test knit and I really enjoyed it.

Although the name of the pattern is Tulips I was inspired to call it my Beach Glass shawl because the soft aqua color reminds me so much of the beautiful beach glass I've collected for years.

I love this large, bold, graphic stitch pattern.

A delicate edging provides a lovely finish and a very slight picot effect adds texture.  I blocked mine in a slightly different way just to try something different, but I may go back and do it with Diana's method the next time I block it.

Although it looks elaborate, the multiple is made up of k2tog, ssk, and yo stitches, and would make a perfect project for anyone wishing to make a beautiful shawl with just basic knowledge of these knitting stitches.  

As long as you can keep track of rows, you can knit this gorgeous, heirloom-quality shawl.  And this is truly a piece you will be proud of when you are finished.

Tulips is a clearly-written pattern with wonderful charts and directions that make it easy to modify size.  In my case, after the initial set-up portion, I made 5 full repeats of the stitch pattern before adding the edging.  

I used about 65 gr. (just over 800 yards) of a Russian, two-ply lace-weight, 'mystery' close-out wool/ angora blend I purchased from a vendor at a fiber show.  It was really nice to work with - slightly soft but not too fuzzy from the angora - and I likely will never find it again.  If anyone out there has a recommendation for a similar yarn, I'd love to know!

It blocked up on the 'crunchy' side, but softened as soon as I started to play around with it.  

Diana is a superb knitter - she did an amazing job on my Sothia shawl test knit - and I jumped at the chance to knit her new pattern.  Thank you Diana for letting me test knit this lovely design for you!  

I highly recommend this beautiful Tulips shawl pattern by Diana. 


  1. Robin, it is breathtaking! It looks so fresh in this color! It made me miss our Pacific coast.
    Great job!

  2. Very pretty, Robin! Love the color and the design.

  3. Lidia, I might not have ordinarily chosen this color but it was the only one the seller had, and now I love it! Thanks for the kind words, the praise definitely goes to Diana for such a pretty pattern.

  4. Kat, thank you so much for the kind words, Diana did such a pretty job with this design I think!

  5. For the first moment I did not recognize this shawl. Another color makes it different. diana'shawl is perfect as usual...
    My congratulations; great job

  6. What a beautiful, fresh colour! It turned out very well.

  7. Robin thank you so much for all the wonderful and kind word about my design :-)) I am so glad your enjoyed knitting the shawl. It turned out so, so lovely :-)) Very delicate and feminine. Thank you so much for test knitting. I really appreciate your help :-)) I hope you enjoy wearing this shawl as much as I enjoy Sothia :-)) I wore it just today for the evening out :-))

  8. Robin, your job is great! Beautiful shawl.
    Diana, well done! :)

  9. Robin, it came out so beautiful! And the color works 100%! Gives me a very cooling feeling for our hot weather. I liked Diana's pattern from beginning, now I'll have more ideas for yarns and colors, thanks to you.

  10. How very lovely - the colour is stunning! What an exquisite shawl.