Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrating My Birthday with Free Knitting Giveaway Treats!

My how time flies! I've been busy with other things, including knitting, writing patterns, submitting designs and babying my ancient computer, and it's suddenly the end of the first week of October? Criminy.  I realize I've not posted in about the longest stretch ever for me although I have, in fact, worked on several posts and will share those soon. (photo

The changing season reminded me that later this month is my birthday. And lest you think I'm still young enough to believe the passage of time a wonderful thing, think again my friend. 

No, I'm not young (or old depending on your perspective) but I've come to love a birthday as a personal anniversary, or new year celebration of sorts, that marks our individual arrival on earth, when we began filling a place in the world that only you or I can fill.

It allows us to look back on life in the last year, remembering joys, challenges, love, failures and growth, reflect on goals from the calendar New Year and think about how we want the next 12 months to play out - perhaps differently than the last dozen.

A birthday is not another day nearer to death, after all, we're dying every second of every day, with no guarantees of even another minute in this life. Rather, I see a birthday as an opportunity to make the most of this moment, to get another 'do-over' and have a fresh start. To hopefully be a better person than I was last year.

In the US, it's customary for a birthday child to bring treats to school to share with classmates, often consisting of cookies, cupcakes or other edibles. Because my birthday is at the end of October, I usually brought fresh apple cider and doughnuts.

Always cake doughnuts, because those were my parents' favorites and because they were easy to tie to a string and hang for a children's speed-eating game. 

To this day, the fragrance of cinnamon, apples and doughnuts make me think of my birthday treats. And in honor of my birthday month, I'm again giving away goodies, and you all are invited to my party.

No tricks here, it's time for pattern discounts and yarn and knitting pattern giveaway treats!

First of all, for the rest of the month of October, all Robin Ulrich Studio download patterns (except Katriel) will be 20% off. The special birthday price will post automatically when you make your selection in the shopping cart.

Next, my brand-new pattern, Katriel, will be 50% off!

And lastly, I'm giving away a FREE PATTERN & YARN in a contest for all my followers!

The prizes for this contest include a PDF copy of Katriel (or other pattern of your choice if you've already purchased Katriel) and some yarny awesomeness to include four skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace in a lovely, silvery-lavender color (this is a total of 1748 yards!),

and a skein of hand-dyed Neighborhood Fiber Co. worsted weight, luminous silk yarn.

Like the pattern download sale, the yarn and pattern giveaway contest will run all month through midnight, EST on October 31st. A winner will be chosen November 1st by random number generator from amongst all the entries, and anyone can enter by doing three things:
  1.  Be or become a follower on my blog (the button to link is on the sidebar). 
  2.  Leave a comment to any post this month answering the question - what yarn weight do you prefer (it can be different for each) for accessories like hats, fingerless gloves and scarves? - before the end date of the contest.
  3. Make sure I can contact you via your blog or other site to let you know the news of your win, or message me on Ravelry (I'm Truknit) or on Twitter (I'm Robinulrich) with your contact information.
That's it! I'll announce the winner here in the next post after the contest ends, and also contact you, to let you know if you've won. The winner will have 7 days from the time of the announcement post to let me know where to send the prizes!

Have a terrific weekend and happy knitting everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday, Robin!

    Instead of counting candles,
    Or tallying the years,
    Contemplate your blessings now,
    As your birthday nears.

    Consider special people
    Who love you, and who care,
    And others who’ve enriched your life
    Just by being there.

    Think about the memories
    Passing years can never mar,
    Experiences great and small
    That have made you who you are.

    Another year is a happy gift,
    So cut your cake, and say,
    "Instead of counting birthdays,
    I count blessings every day!"

    By Joanna Fuchs

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!! Cake doughnuts, yum - that reminds me of the ones my mom used to make. Delish!

    To answer your question, I like sport or dk weight for gloves and mitts and worsted for hats and scarves. :)

    Enjoy your day, Robin!

    Rebecca (knittingwithwords on Ravelry)

  3. Happy Birthday Robin! I so love your attitude to birthdays and the birth of a new year, not the loss of the old. My own birthday is mid November and I will be carrying your own thoughts over to my own 're-birth'. Thank you for your touch of quiet inspiration! And I wish you a fabulous day :)

    Ewa (aka Cartervater on Rav)

  4. Enjoy the celebration, dear Robin! I wish you a lot of creativity, new yarns and, of course, plenty of time to knit!

  5. What a great way to look at the birthdays, especially once one gets older. I wish you a great birthday celebration ahead :-))
    As for your question, I prefer 4 ply for gloves and scarves and 5ply or DK for hats :-))

  6. Happy early birthday, dear Robin! I enjoyed reading about your thoughts - and your birthday memories.

    I like fingering weight for gloves; for hats I guess it'll depend on the type of hat, but I tend to prefer DK. As for scarves, I favour the bulkier yarns - worsted, aran, bulky or even superbulky!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  7. Of all the myriad opportunities for celebration, birthdays are truly my favorite. I share your sentiments exactly and look forward to my birthday every year because it gives me a chance to reflect and review aspirations. I wish you the same ....

    I'm such a huge fan of yarn in all its shapes, sizes, and colors but I have to say that I love both extremes: fingering for all those delicate designs that I covet and bulky for the quick knit and cozy feel.

  8. I also love my birthdays, all of them! Happy birthday to you, Robin!
    I love the aran and worsted yarn, may be because I like a quick resolts?

  9. Just bought a copy of your Sothia pattern for a knit along with my sister and was (happily) surprised by the discount! Thanks! Then I followed the link here - what a cool prize! I like worsted weight for hats and like to make stranded hats (extra warm). I like the look of DK or Sport for stranded mittens but my daughter likes the warmth of worsed. I knit scarves in all weights, depending on the pattern. (teresaknits on rav)

  10. Getting ready for the Sothia pattern KAL with teresaknits and also ended up here.

    I love working with dk or sport but it is so hard to find in anything but pastels. So I end up using a lot of worsted weight

  11. As one October baby to another, I totally get the mixed emotions one can have this time of year. I am really trying to enjoy the season as well as accept the fact that I am also in the autumn of my life.
    What's that old daying? Today is a gift; that's why they call it the present? We need to unwrap each day with the same enthusiasm we had as children.

    OK, to answer your question, I am a worsted girl - thread & sock weight is tedious, Bulky is well, bulky! Sport & dk are OK. Variety s the spice of life, though.I mix all weights of yarn im my freeform crochet work.

    Happy early birthday :)

  12. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Robin, happy birthday to you!

    What a wonderful giveaway and such a generous way to share your birthday ~ I have my yarn ready to go for your Sothia. I love to use worsted weight for hats, mitts and most scarves, and I lean more to DK weight for shawls and wraps.

    Raverly: Peacefullyknittng

  13. Happy Birthday Robin! I love all of your designs, and want to say thank you for the pattern discounts and for the contest!
    My favorite weight yarn for accessories is DK weight.

  14. Happy birthday from Germany. I just found your patterns on ravelry and right now, I go shopping them. I love to knit and i do it every day.
    I love thin yarns, especially Alpaca.
    And now i am already dreaming whoch patterns i will knit first.

    Have a great time, year and many ideas.
    petra from Germany (

  15. Happy birthday :) I hope you had a great day!
    I prefer fingering weight to just about everything, but for hats and big fat scarf I like worsted! I have never really made gloves or mittens..but I suspect I would like to use DK or sport for this.

    Happy b-day again :)
    Karen (aka lindse at ravelry)

  16. Happy birthday!
    I love Your style, it is so romantic. Thank You for inspiration!
    I´m also a fan of yarn in all its shapes, sizes and colors. But the biggest love is alpaca.

  17. Happy birthday Robin! And best withes from me :)

    I prefer lace yarn for shawls and DK weight yarn for other garments.


  18. What a wonderful way to celebrate.
    All the best

    I am a follower.

    As for the yarn I favor knitting with it is usually Sport or Worsted. I do love a DK too though.

  19. Happy Birthday!
    I just started knitting your Brandywine Falls, and I'm enamored! I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy and knit this sooner!

    To answer your question, my gauge preferences change depending not only on the type of accessory, but the style of knitting. For gloves, I prefer fingering for lacy and cabled, sport weight for color work, and dk or worsted for plain styles. For scarves, I prefer sport or fingering for lace styles, dk for colorwork and cables, and dk or worsted for anything else. For hats, I prefer sport weight for lace, dk or worsted for color work, and worsted or heavier for anything else. But, challenging my preferences often results in wonderful surprises. Knitting is like that, no? :)

  20. Hope your birthday month brings you joy and peace and all of the things you love.

    I have been knitting a lot of laceweight, simply because I bought a lot of it. The results are pretty, but the going is slow. I think I'm going to build up a stash of fingering. I'm just finishing up two pair of socks, and I really like that weight. I think shawls will be just as drapey and open at that weight.

    For accessories, (mitts, cowls, hats) I like worsted. I have some bulky that is talking to me of hats. I think I'm going to like the quick job I'll make of them in that weight. Not that I don't love the process, but Christmas is coming, and I need to bang out some product! :)

  21. Happy birthday Robin! I also has my birthday in October.
    At the moment I prefer fingering weight and worsted weight, as I'm doing socks and mittens and hats for the winter.

  22. Happy Birthday ~ apple cider and donuts sound delicious to me :))) You must be younger than me because growing up it wasn't the custom to bring treats on your birthday, at least not in Southern California. But now that is the case.

    I've "followed you"; my favorite yarn weight - is all yarn - LOL; and I'm Mr. Puffy. The more I think about it, it's a good custom - LOL

  23. Happy Birthday when it hits. Love your Sothia Shawl, would like to purchase it, but I will not purchase patterns through Ravelry. Is there anyway I can purchase it from you directly?
    I like fingering or DK most of all, but a good bulky is great for instant gratification!! LOL.

  24. Happy Birthday!

    I love fingering and DK weight yarns on everything, also for accessories. My nick on Ravelry is stricker.

  25. Happy Birthday Robin!
    I dont like celebrate this days so much , but now I got another vieuw.....
    Thanks Anett

  26. Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and patterns; and thanks for the contest. My favorite yarn weight is fingering for socks and four-season shawls!

  27. I hope your birthday is filled with joy and love and excitement about the coming year!! Thank you for the opportunity in your wonderful giveaway. I have already purchased Sothia and Katriel. LOVE THEM! My own birthday is the 5th of Nov. so I will be starting to celebrate myself... by hopefully having time to start my Sothia! I will be following along! Blessings and wishes for a wonderful birthday ~ tanna

  28. Happy birthday! I love fingering weight for accessories. It makes scarves and such more comfortable to wear in and out of buildings.

  29. happy birthday!! donuts on a string?!! why wasnt my family cool enough to adopt this tradition :) your new pattern is just lovely! im in love with garter stitch and stripes lately! - loveelle on rav!

  30. Happy birthday and thank you for the opportunity to win!

    I like anything from fingering to worsted for fingerless mittens, and worsted for hats and scarves. At least for winter wear. Fingering for lacy things.

    I'm Malin on Ravelry.

  31. Yarn weight -- for fingerless gloves, probably fingering. You can just get more details in. For hats, anything up to light worsted. For scarves, depends on the pattern & type of knitting (lace vs cables)

  32. I'm following you on my google reader. My favorite wt. yarn is DK. I love yarn with alpaca or/and cashmere in the blend.

  33. Happy birthday, robin! I love your patterns! I like to knit with DK , sock and laceweight.

  34. I like to knit shawls with fingering yarn, and hats and scarfs with worsted or dk. I have never kntted with laceweight yet. Happy birthday! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  35. Happy birthday to you.
    I am a follower. I am new to knitting, having been a crocheter for the longest time. Am working on soft toys before I tackle the larger projects like hats.

  36. happiest of birthdays to you!
    so happy to have found you via a search on Ravelry re: MTL yarn. lol. serendipity at work.
    i like DK yarns and worsted ... for most projects. though i really like bulky weight for cowls. and sock weight for light shawls when i'm feeling patient!

    have a great year. i was happy to find Sothia pattern. can't wait to knit it up.

  37. Happy Birthday Robin! I Norway it's not customary to bring treats to school on your b-day, but ususally we sing the birthday song. My class has 27 students, so I guess it'd be a lot of treats going around! :)

    I am a follower, you can say long time listener, first time caller. I prefer DK to worsted for hats and scarves, and I admire mittens and gloves in fingering weight. Making them is another thing.. I'm Fiolinn on Ravelry if I should be the lucky duck

  38. Happy Birthday! I love DK and any yarn with alpaca