Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Knitwear Photography

I get asked a lot about my photography, especially knitwear photography. While I use a pretty decent camera (mostly a Nikon D3100, but sometimes just a little Canon Power Shot) I also use professional photo software for post editing and knitting pattern shoots.

If you want to improve your knitwear photographs, or even just play around with your pictures for artistic reasons, but don't want to shell out big bucks for a new camera or expensive software, you might consider trying out a free photo editing website like

The example above was made in just a few minutes from a basic image used in my last post; however, I must warn you - it is easy to spend waaaay too much time playing around with the various effects available for simple tweaking, adding text, or complete manipulation of photos just for fun.

Although perhaps not the best photo-editing website available, Picnik is extremely user-friendly for beginners and offers a surprising amount of editing tools for free. And while it won't make a poorly-lit, terribly-shot photo spectacular, it can be a great way to get started on your way to better knitwear images. Enjoy!


  1. Lidia, you make such beautiful photos! ;)

  2. I think the main trick is to have SLR camera. If you do not have one it is not possible to take great pictures in terms of color and detail. I do not have a digital SLR right now and I can see that my pictures are inferior to someone's who uses one. Even if the shot is great and lighting is right it still lacks that depth that SLR offers. I have analog SLR camera that I used for many years and the quality of pics is just great. Unfortunately developing film takes time and not that convenient to use for the purposes of blogging and Ravlery. Digital SLR is on my wish list :-))

  3. I lost your email about buying Sothia off Ravelry. Can you please advise me again how to make this purchase. Sorry to bug you!
    chrisknitz at insightbb dot com

  4. Diana, that is a good point about a digital SLR having great qualities. I've only had the Nikon for a year now though, and all my photos prior to that, and most of the ones I take on the go still, are done with my little Canon Powershot. It's fairly reasonable in price and I've been super happy with it for a mini point & shoot. It fits great in my purse too. :))

  5. Hi Chris, no problem. All I need is the email address where you would want your pattern sent. Then I can Paypal invoice you directly and send the PDF pattern for you to download to your computer. Thanks for your enthusiasm for my pattern! :)

  6. Hi Robin, wow.... your blog is beautiful. Nice pattern and full of inspiration!
    Greeting from Munich