Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Finds

While hopping around on the internet I often come across interesting things I'd like to share. Things that might, or might not, have to do with knitting, but that strike my fancy nonetheless. So I thought I'd start a new topic to post on a Friday every now and then, thus the post title "Friday Finds."

To start things off, this coat from jumped out at me as being stylish, affordable and a great 'frame' for a hand-knit scarf or shawl. The flattering, clean lines have a timeless, elegant appeal, and the light, polyester/ wool blend fabric would be perfect for mild winters as well as autumn and early spring wear. photo

This coat looks so Grace Kelly to me. A girl can dream right? TGIF!


  1. Robin, this is indeed a wonderful find! What an elegant coat! I am sure a shawl or a scarf would be a nice addition. Happy New Year and good luck for your designs!

  2. Anna, thank you so much and Happy New Year and best wishes to you also!