Thursday, March 1, 2012

Congrats Ravelry - 2 Million & Counting!

Can you hear the amazing sound? It's the sound of millions of needles clicking, and crochet hooks hooking, in the hands of over 2 MILLION members as of last Wednesday! 

In honor of the occasion, Casey Forbes, one of Ravelry's founders, posted a fun 'ravatar' (that's Ravelry + avatar in case you wondered) project, asking members to add the words or number "two million" to their photo. You can see all the ravatars entered here

I started with my current version, featuring my Bosc hat.

Then I went to to make use of their photo editing toys. I wanted something playful and colorful. I had a ton of fun and in 10 minutes ended up with the version at the top of the post.

I am so thrilled for the Ravelry team, and so grateful for all the wonderful fun, knowledge, and community they've brought to the online stitching world. 

Thanks Ravelry, for everything, 
and here's to the next 2 million!!


  1. How wonderful!!
    Your ravatar i awesome! Too bad that Picnik is closing. :(

  2. Great job on your ravatar! I love Ravelry. Sad news is that I signed up more than a year before I went back and learned to use it! It is an amazing database. The source of inspiration is limitless!! Yea, 2 Million! blessings ~ tanna