Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Designer Alley - A Caithness Craft Collective Podcast Interview

It's no secret that I enjoy a good crafting podcast, especially one focused on knitting and fiber, and a favorite is the Caithness Craft Collective, hosted by the lovely Louise Hunt of Caithness, Scotland. 

When I first 'met' Louise on Twitter, I had to look up her location, and discovered that the County of Caithness is located in the far north of Scotland.

From photos I found on the internet, it seems that Caithness is a coastal, windswept and ruggedly beautiful place.

The area boasts a lovely castle and garden. 

Louise provides a lot of listening enjoyment as she discusses her knitting and spinning projects, designers, patterns and yarn she is interested in, and various random topics such as men in kilts (rawr...). 

Louise's son Sandy introduces the program's segments in his darling voice, her little girl Daisy has an infectious giggle that never fails to put a smile on my face, and Louise and her husband have been ending the show lately with a review of Scottish whiskeys, quite an interesting topic that gives the show a local twist. 

I was thrilled when Louise asked me if I would be willing to be interviewed for a new program segment called Designer Alley, and since her format includes responding to written questions, I readily agreed (I'm a bit shy about live interviews, lol). 

Her questions covered things like how I started designing, where I get my inspiration from, and what my pretend fiber shop along her imaginary 'alley' would be like. 

Although I know it's terribly out of context, I imagined a pretty, cobbled mews with adorable shops fronted by sunny windows and flower boxes (like the photo, of an English mews, at the top of the post - fiber tourist heaven in other words!

To hear my answers, listen to the podcast here.  

I think you will enjoy Louise's podcast, she herself is utterly charming and her show offers interesting topics in a well-produced way, plus, her accent is delightful!

Caithness map:wikipedia


  1. It is a lovely and interesting interview Robin :-)) Thank you for sharing. I have never listened to knitting podcast before. Might try some more now :))

  2. I can't to give this podcast a listen!

  3. Diana & Tina, thank you, I think you will enjoy her show! I like to listen while I knit, also I download them to try to listen while I'm on the go. :)