Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Knitting Pattern - Orbs Cowl

Knitting magazine design submission calls, or 'sub calls' (when magazines email designers to request design submissions for specific issues) are always fun. The themes, suggestions and photos they send spark a lot of ideas and even when I don't submit anything, I enjoy reading the final issue and comparing it to what I had in mind when I received the sub call. Sometimes they are different than you might expect!

When I received the email from Knitscene last year with a call for designs for their planned new accessories issue, I was especially intrigued. 

The part of the note that really caught my attention was a request for loop/ infinity style cowls and scarves, built around a theme of outer space or sci-fi inspiration.

I love the beauty of the heavens and the quiet mystery of space. And I am a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and other space-adventure movies.

I contemplated the brilliance of the night stars in the Milky Way,

Saturn's mysterious rings,

and the luminous path of the moon around the Earth. This lunar eclipse photo suggests to scientists that there might be mountains on the moon.

I wanted to make something just a little funky and offbeat and yet still very simple.

All these things influenced the final design I submitted for this issue, the Orbs Cowl (the pattern name was a total surprise as it was not the one we worked with almost until publication, but I think it's a nice fit also).

The cowl's deeply textured stitch pattern reminds me of the moon's craters and craggy surface.


The decision of which end is up is 'wearer's choice' with this cowl since the reversible chevron stitch means there is no wrong side up, down, inside or out.

Worked in the round on size US 10.5 needles, the Orbs Cowl is a fast and fun knit, and it's easy to add or subtract pattern repeats to adjust the size of your project.

Berroco's Flicker yarn was a simple choice for the cowl as it has wonderful loft and airiness from a tubular construction, and a lot of 'give' in the strand - a nice quality in an alpaca yarn.

The sub call suggested sparkles or sequins, which I am not normally prone to knitting with, but the metallic thread running through Flicker is very subtle and adds a soft, pretty touch of shine without being flashy.

I am happy to be included in this premier accessories-specific issue alongside so many other wonderful designs. Knitscene Accessories 2012 is packed full with loads of great small projects, perfect for summer travel and early holiday gift knitting. The issue is currently available for preview and purchase online and will be in stores soon.

For fiber fans in Ohio, the Great Lakes Fiber Show will be held this weekend in Wooster. I'm hoping to get up there, so check back here in coming weeks for a rundown and photos from the show.

Thanks for stopping by everyone, I wish you much peace, many blessings and to my US readers, a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

photo credits:
Knitscene photos courtesy of Interweave Press


  1. Robin, the texture is beautiful! Recently I've been thinking of wave-shaped patterns, too:)

  2. Lovely texture! Congratulation, Robin!

  3. Anna and Lidia, thank you so much for the kind words, I am really into texture these days! :)

  4. Congratulations on your new design and its inclusion in the premier issue. Your cowl is gorgeous and I imagine is great fun to knit.

  5. I saw this on Ravelry and fell in love with it. Love the texture and the 'fluffiness'.

  6. Evelyn & Affiknity, thank you very much!! I really liked knitting with this yarn, it is very soft like alpaca is known for, yet there is more spring and body from the yarn's construction, so it stretches and returns to shape a little better.

  7. Love the cowl, it's beautiful. Well done x