Friday, July 13, 2012

Crimes of Knitting?

It seems there has been quite an uproar in the knitting world lately.

First, Ravelry was taken to task by the USOC for infringing on it's trademarked name 'Olympics' and derivations thereof. So, Ravelry acquiesced and changed the name of it's wildly popular, formerly-known-as-the-Ravelympics KAL to the Ravellenic Games.

According to many of the blog posts and articles I read on the subject, it wasn't the name change that riled knitters up so much as the suggestion in the wording of the letter to Ravelry that knitting was not worthy to be classified in the same context as competitive sports. Hmmm...

I thought Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka Yarn Harlot) posted a very eloquent commentary about the situation on her blog here

Don't take my word for it, but I believe there is still time if you wish to thumb your nose at the USOC join in on the fun in one of several Ravelry groups.

Then there was the woman who - gasp! - dared to knit court-side during Wimbledon. 

An article from the National Conversation outlined the situation and their still photo above, via BBC, showcased the offender on camera.

It seems to me that the Tour de Fleece spinning participants had better watch over their shoulders in case Lance Armstrong is coming after them. 

OK, so maybe some people might not think that's such a bad thing, lol...

I knit pretty much everywhere, including in lines, in meetings and at family get-togethers. My knitting would most certainly have come along with me to the tennis match for those inevitable breaks in play, time-outs, or exceptionally boring parts of any sporting event where there is no scoring happening. 

I'm curious about what you think - were these situations crimes of knitting? 

On another topic, my newest design pattern draft returned from the tech editor with a clean bill of health! After I play around with layout a bit more, it will be ready for test knitting.

I was amazed at how many responses I received from readers wishing to participate in the design test knitting. I appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you so much!

Thanks for stopping by my studio today, have a fun weekend and happy stitching!


  1. Well, Robin... I never was in situation like at the picture, but I was trying to knit or crochet in the pub (I am living in Thailand with my retired husband, so it happens quite often) and I saw very different reactions. People react better for the crochet hook, cause for most men fell very uncomfortable the steel needles.
    Also I was always wonder why it's OK to bring bamboo needles in the airplane, for my humble opinion they are not less danger then steel...

  2. The Wimbledon knitting lady story made me angry. so what is she knitted at Wimbledon? Like my husband said 'you have to do something to stop being bored. I'd take a good book'. I bet there were people using mobile phones to text, tweet etc. if I was going to any sporting event I'd take my knitting unless it was outside & raining. Have knitted while watching basket ball, cinema, out and about generally. Even knit on the beach in Spain (usually socks - which gets me some funny looks from the locals).

  3. Smitiha & Anni, I agree with you both, knitting should go everywhere with us! And if the sporting event was more riveting then perhaps we would not be so apt to pull out our projects... :)

  4. Robin, at conferences I see people knitting and nobody says anything. I am not offended when during my presentation my colleagues knit, on the contrary! I knit practically everywhere (not during conferences though because I want to take notes:)). Nobody objects, some people are curious, some elderly people praise:). But maybe it is because of where I live? Knitting is being taught in all schools, everybody knows what it is.

  5. Well, I have no comments about Ravelry and Olympics. I am very far from those issues.
    About knitting in public, or at the match I find there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

    I've knitted at the seminars and classes and my teachers never has any problems with it.

    P.S. I've read through your posts and very happy that you've got a pattern coming up. Good luck with test knitting!

  6. We truly have had a bit of drama in the knitting realm these days, but that too shall pass. I love what I'm seeing in the photo ... so beautiful!

  7. Anna, Lidia & Tina, thank you so much for your input and nice words, I appreciate it! :)