Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspiration - Amethyst

The structure and formation of crystals has always fascinated me so I think it was only natural that I should eventually decide to create a project based on this inspiration. That project became my latest shawl pattern, soon to be released.

All colorful, faceted gemstone planes and surfaces are amazingly beautiful, but one of my favorites is the lovely, lowly purple amethyst.

The long, spear-like crystal formations are referred to as 'points' and it was this shape that inspired my selection of the first lace stitch portion of the shawl.

The bottom edging was inspired by this beautiful amethyst geode I've had for years, with it's matrix of interconnecting facets and jagged borders. 

This new shawl design, knit in fingering weight yarn (only one or two skeins required) in two sizes, is super simple and fast to knit, but pleasingly interesting too. I've knit 5 of these already and wouldn't mind knitting a few more! Except, of course, that I've already begun to move on to my next projects...

Check here on my blog or on my Ravelry designer page within the next day or so to see when the design goes live. 

To coincide with the release of this shawl, I've been hard at work on a special new project and my blog readers will get the first peek here! 

Thanks for checking in and have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Amethyst Photo 1 link
Amethyst Photo 2 link 

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