Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorite Things - Jul Shawl Pin


A dear friend kindly gave me a gift certificate to one of our LYS's and I used it to purchase a new Favorite Thing, this white bronze shawl pin cast in a delicate twig shape from Jul.  

Available at many local yarn shops and online retailers, Jul offers beautifully unique pins, buttons, handles and closures for knitwear in a variety of styles like the ones shown below, from the website. 

The pin in the first photo at the top of this post is shown on one of the half-dozen prototypes I knit for my next design release, an update and expansion of my Greyhaven cowl pattern. The stick pin is woven in and out of the eyelets in the lace pattern, although it's slender diameter would also allow it to easily slip between yarn strands without spearing them.  

I can think of lots of ways to wear this pin including to close cardigans, or even as a hair stick. It's definitely one of my new Favorite Things!

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