Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy (1) Hundred Thousand!

OK, so I know it's not proper grammar (I'm not much into that anyway in case you haven't noticed), but it's much more alliterative to say 'happy hundred' than 'happy one hundred'.

In any case, when I logged onto my blog today I was astonished to realize I've had over 100,000 individual page views on this site! Woot!! And when I get enthusiastic enough to use meaningless internet drivel like 'woot' then you know I'm excited. Perhaps for you professional bloggers and other designers out there who get 100,000 hits per month that's small potatoes, but to me, well... woot! is all I have to say.

So what the heck, to celebrate, I'm posting a little coupon code for 20% savings off all Robin Ulrich Studio Ravelry pattern downloads through tomorrow, December 10th. Just enter code: Happyhundred at checkout to receive your savings.

For the Greyhaven fans out there, thanks for your patience while the pattern was being test knit and tech edited. The updated and expanded version (shown in the photo above) is about to make it's appearance at about the same time as the release of the new Hobbit movie (and since the pattern's name is derived from Tolkien's Bilbo's Last Song, I thought it a nice time for the release).

My warmest thank you for visiting my virtual studio and being one of my hundred-thousand-plus best e-pals. I wish you a creative week!

Hobbit photo


  1. Congrats! I wanted to purchase Greyhaven! Drat, do you know when it will be available? Wanted to use 20% off :)