Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garden Matters & (shhh...) Crochet

Full spring has arrived all at once, along with the liquid gold blossoms of forsythia. 

The colors of these photos have not been enhanced, the blooms really are this brilliant!

The ground has finally warmed and dried out enough to allow for gardening, albeit somewhat later than usual. I've been pulling weeds, cleaning out debris and planting the vegetable bed with kale, lettuces, radicchio, snow peas, onions and radishes. Tomatoes and peppers must wait until the soil warms more thoroughly, they're usually in by June.

The little bit of green on the right is lemon thyme and the green shoots in the background are chives, both plants that overwinter beautifully here in our US zone 6 climate. 

Since the completion of my Greyhaven hat pattern (currently being test knit by my trusty team of intrepid knitters: Josefina, Laurie, Julia, Kim, Paula, Connie and Cheryl), I've taken some time to do a little crocheting. 

The photos above and at the top of the post show my current project, a lacy cardigan worked in grayish-natural color silk and wool blend yarn from Drops, called Silke-Tweed, that's been in my stash for years. 

The negative attitude many knitters exhibit towards the C-word (crochet) bemuses me as this lovely art form is simply another interesting way to combine beauty and utility through fiber. Although I don't perhaps love crochet nearly as much as I do knitting, I enjoy this alternative yarn technique for a change of pace.

At present I'm also swatching ideas for my next knitting projects now that the hat pattern is about ready. Look for the hat release announcement here very soon.

Thanks for stopping by today, peace, blessings and happy stitching to you!

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