Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inspired By - Sand & Surf

A sunny beach with warm sand and sparkling surf seem so quintessentially summer that when I saw this knitter's beautiful Sand & Surf Sothia on Ravelry, I thought it was great inspiration for a post as we hold on to these last warm days near summer's end.  

Although our climate is temperate we do get a few weeks of summer heat, mostly during July and August. Even during hot weather though, I often reach for a knitted item to warm exposed skin in air conditioned settings, and I especially love a light shawl to cozy up with on cooler evenings.

I love this summer-y version of Sothia, knit in sand and aqua colors by Ravelry member tannastanley


The daughter of Tanna's friend was recently married in a gorgeous country wedding and Tanna's post on her blog The Brick Street Bungalow showcases many photos of the event, including several of her wearing her beautiful shawl.

I wish everyone a wonderful week and I offer many thanks for the inspiration Tanna!

Beach photos are linked from my Breeze Pinterest board.


  1. The thanks goes to you, Robin!! I LOVE my Sothia!! Thank you again for such a wonderful design!! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Beautiful, it is so beautiful!
    Wonderful pictures. I still love your blog;)

  3. Oh, how beautiful! Your posts are always full of inspiration!