Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday's Muse - Michelangelo

The knitted samples have been dropped in the mail, and the pattern for my latest design emailed to the publisher - hurray! 

Since then I've had more time for knitting projects that have languished on the back burner for a while including a recently bound-off Brandywine Falls wrap (shown in photo above), and a stranded, color work cardigan in fingering weight wool. The wrap is still in need of blocking and the cardigan has been waiting, since I reached the steeking point, for me to get brave enough to make the cut.

Today I came across this quote on my Pinterest board and the message was so simple and inspiring, I wanted to share it here: 

"I am still learning." 
- Michelangelo, age 87

That's it, just 4 words. But Michelangelo's statement, at such an age, reminded me to be diligent in pursuing mastery of things I enjoy despite trepidations, set-backs or limited time, and that no matter what age we reach, or how accomplished we become, there is always still more to learn. How exciting!  

Thanks for stopping by today, peace, blessing and happy stitching to you!


  1. It is exciting and very inspiring that such a Master could still have the attitude of a student at the age of 87! Awesome quote, Robin! thank you for sharing and kudos to you for own accomplishments! Bravo. blessings ~ tanna

  2. How exciting!! I love that quote, just proves we are never to old to learn new things