Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Penny Spent


I'm not much of a shopper these days, waiting until I want to start a new project before looking for yarn or other supplies. But every now and then I'll stop at a charity rummage sale, usually held at a local church, to see if there is anything useful waiting for me to take it home.

Over the years I've made quite a few scores in this area, finding wonderful knitting, crochet and sewing supplies for pennies, and I get a bonus good feeling knowing the money is going to charity. 

One such bargain sale find was an Ashford Electric Spinner (normal retail price $750) for $5. Granted, it did not include extra bobbins, a lazy kate or other accessories, but is was new in the box, in perfect condition, so I consider it money well spent. 

At other sales I've poked around under piles of acrylic yarn, abandoned plastic canvas projects and musty fabric to find vintage knitting needles in a rainbow of colors, fabulous cashmere yarn for $2, and other fun, useful things. 

I pretty much stick to a strict rule that anything I purchase must have a useful purpose, but recently I was intrigued by a tiny cardboard box, simply because it was cute. That and because it said "Paris" on the front.

Upon opening the box I was delighted to find several skeins of silky cotton embroidery floss, in lovely shades of antique beige and gold, nestled in tissue paper (see top photo). 

Not being an embroiderer, I nearly left the little box behind, but the beautiful, rich, neutral colors spoke to me and for .25 cents I decided to take it home and try my hand at a project. I might share the results here sometime, we'll see... 

How about you? Have you ever happened upon a wonderful needlework bargain? 

Thanks for stopping by my studio today, have a wonderful week!

Ashford Spinner Photo: The Woolery

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  1. YOU are a very good shopper. I usually end up with some piece of old acrylic crochet. LOL! I don't know why I can't resist them... I think of the hands that made them and I can't stand to leave them in a pile no one cares about. I'm a sucker for that!

    I love those neutral shades of floss. Look forward to seeing what beautiful thing you create. blessings ~ tanna