Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Greening

I love so many colors it's tough to choose a true favorite, but I find myself drawn to the color green a lot recently.  It might be  because we've had a lot of rain and heat this summer and the grass is growing like crazy.  

Or perhaps it's because I found a couple of balls of a favorite yarn on the clearance shelf?  I love Rowan's Felted Tweed yarn (I hear they are bringing out a heavier weight version of this to which I say - hurray!!!).

Or maybe it's all the green things bursting forth from my garden - cucumbers, chives, onions, peppers and more. 

 I imagine I'll be doing some green projects sometime soon...

I finally have time to get back to my alpaca shawlette.  I started this earlier in the summer/ late spring as a lace piece, when the yarn, from my stash, caught my eye as it was so like the colors of the wildflowers blooming at the time.  The combo of yarn and pattern was too busy so I frogged.

After considering a traditional shawl and working the top portion in garter stitch and the bottom in Feather and Fan, that didn't grab me  either, so another frog session!  

I let the shawl sit and rest while I finished some deadline projects and now that I'm back at it, suddenly - inspiration strikes!  I know just what I want to do, and have begun working with new zeal.   I love the garter stitch portion but have again reached the border area and plan some pretty, simple lace elements and a nice edging.  It might become a pattern.  

Check out the HUMONGOUS FUNGUS I found along a path in the woods after the recent rain.  

This beast was growing along the side of a fallen tree trunk and although it's hard to get a sense of perspective from the photo (sorry!), it was nearly 30 inches/ 75 cm wide!  Cowabunga!


The scalloped edges remind me just a bit of my Brandywine Falls wrap pattern.

Speaking of which, I will be teaching this wrap pattern as a class at A Tangled Tale yarn shop in August, so if you are in the area, come join us for a fun session!


  1. Lovely yarn and projects! That humongus fungus is called a shelf fungus, and if you find one growing on a tree, it pretty much means the tree is dead in that spot and needs to be taken down. We kind of learned that the hard way...

  2. Thanks Laurie - It does look a lot like shelves! This tree looks like it must have fallen many years ago.