Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Find - Buttons!

OK now, 'fess up, I know you have them. Somewhere in a box, on a shelf, or tucked away in a cabinet, is your collection of buttons. Perhaps they are buttons inherited from your grandmother, maybe they were saved from discarded clothes or purchased new.

I love old buttons and have a small collection, including some on their original cards 

as well as several antique canning jars full sitting on a shelf in my studio, very much like the ones shown above in the first photo.

I use them for knit sweaters and sewing projects on occasion, but I also simply enjoy their decorative luster, carved designs and lovely colors.

For today's Friday Find I want to share some beautiful button jewelry from artist Quench Metalworks who creates interesting collage jewelry from antique buttons, gemstones and other oddments like broken china bits, set in sterling silver.

I admired many items such as this multiple button collar, 

simple pendant,

and button ring

The Etsy site has a lot to see, but you might also check out this Maine artist's website for many more interesting silver jewelry pieces. 

This gets my creative juices going, I think I might pull out some buttons this weekend and see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by today, have a wonderful weekend!

Button jar photo
Jewelry photos:


  1. Love the old buttons!
    Robin have a wonderful weekend! I'll be writing to you more later today.

  2. I just seem to collect them and never use them! LOL. Quite a few are from my grandmother's collection. Now I wish I had just raided all the egg crates when I had the chance. The Mother of Pearl ones are my favorites. And I am actually going to finally use one on a knitting project. A nook case I made myself. Although too big, I will still use it.

  3. Lidia & Suvi, thank you so much!!

  4. Chris - I think the mother of pearl are my most favorite as well. The hard part is actually using them! ;)