Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sarah's Beautiful Bosc Scarf

It's impossible to keep up with most of the projects knit from my patterns that get posted on Ravelry but every now and then I get a chance to peruse the latest project posts in my designs.  

This is how I recently happened across a lovely version of my Bosc Scarf pattern by Sarah Owens of the Yarnie Me blog aka Sarahsplace on Ravelry.

In her blog post and Ravelry project notes, Sarah mentions that she is a newer lace knitter - wow! I would never have guessed it if she didn't say so. 

One of my favorite things about the Bosc Scarf and Hat designs is that the cable and lace stitches are really very simple to knit but produce a result that looks impressive. Some of my test knitters even referred to it as 'potato chip' knitting because they just wanted to keep going! Yum, potato chips...

And speaking of yummy, Sarah knit her scarf in Malabrigo Merino Worsted in a delicious natural creamy color. Her scarf looks so pretty and cozy that I just want to curl up in it.  

Congratulations Sarah, on doing such a beautiful job, and thanks for the nice project post. 

I wish I knew about all the lovely projects in my designs that are posted on blogs or mentioned on podcasts, so if you do one of your own, or come across a mention on the internet, I'd be so appreciative if you dropped me a note so I can check it out. Whether you are new like Sarah, or more experienced, my readers are all super nice people and so very talented. I love to show off the gorgeous things you make, so please don't be shy!

Amethiste Pattern Giveaway

There's still time to enter the drawing to win one of 3 free Amethiste shawl PDF patterns in my giveaway contest! 

Details are outlined in this post

In another post soon, I plan to share a few of the beautiful Amethiste's already made by readers, including some by my talented test knitters.

That's it for today, peace blessings and much happy knitting to you!

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  1. Awwww, thank you so much Robin. Your kind words are so encouraging.

    I LOVE the potato chip analogy of the pattern, that's so true - you just can't stop knitting it! If I had had more yarn, my scarf would have been even a little longer :)

    Thanks again for the wonderful and fun knit, and for this post. It's much appreciated!