Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Woolgatherings + Pattern Giveaway Winners

Welcome to my new post category, Wednesday Woolgatherings, a collection of odds and ends, news and details that don't seem to fit into any other specific category.

It's amazing how quickly a week goes by, especially when I'm frantically digging out from under mountains of laundry and unpacking from my recent New Mexico trip, helping my husband transition to a new job, and catching up on work and communications among many other things! 

I've read that we should 'live in the moment' to help time go by more slowly, but honestly, I'm not sure I want some moments to linger. Perhaps I can perform my main full-time job, squeak in some knitting and knit designing, and still maintain a little time for those lingering moments of joy too, but it just seems some weeks are busier than others and I'm glad when they are over. I do, however, feel pretty good about that pile of clean laundry, and have celebrated by pouring myself a cup of tea.

While traveling, I was able to knit like crazy on projects for my next few pattern releases (including the one in the Wednesday Woolgatherings photo), more details on those soon...

But now, I want to announce the winners for the Amethiste shawlette free pattern giveaway. 

I am thrilled to give free patterns to these winners (who all answered my question about what knitters wished designers would change/ improve/ include in every pattern), chosen at random by the random number generator:

  1. Slmiller8 who wished for schematics with clear and understandable details.
  2. Russty who wished for large charts with an accompanying key.
  3. Hanna who wished for clear charts & instructions for non-native English speakers.

The winners have until the end of the month to contact me here or via Ravelry with their information so I can send them the prize pattern.

Thanks to all my readers for the wonderful, insightful answers to my question; it's so interesting to read your input, especially where it contrasts with others' input (and thank you also for the kind comments on Amethiste, they really made my day)

I've removed and saved all the comments to a special file and look forward to writing about them here in a future post.

I wish to send a big thank you to Kate of the Hello Knitty blog

Kate kindly asked if she could interview me for her readers; my answers to her questions can be found here.

I've been editing photos like crazy, including the yarn photo at the top of the post (taken at the Wool Festival at Taos). Many of the photos are from my trip and other recent events, and I'll have much to post about soon. Until then, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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