Monday, January 7, 2013

Needles at the Ready

I love how every moment of every day we get a chance to make a fresh, new start. But there are few moments as poignant as the beginning of a new year and I especially love the feeling of possibilities that the change of calendar brings - the feeling that a fresh page has been turned and anything can happen. 

Even the projects I began in 2012 and carried over into this year will develop and come to their full potential (I hope!) and completion as 2013 FO's.

Remember this post? 

I'm happy to say that I did become more organized and I'm mostly pleased with my completion of, or progress towards, many of my knitting and life goals last year. I'm also thrilled about the ideas for knitting and designing I have to work on this year, and I certainly have concrete ideas for what I'd like to accomplish. But I'm in somewhat of a different mood this January, so accordingly I decided to think a little differently when deciding on my 2013 goals. My goals for this year are: 

  1. To love more
  2. To share more
  3. To forgive more
  4. To be more thankful
  5. To be more kind
  6. To work hard
  7. To have fun

I believe that some of these goals will be easier to reach than others, but I hope I can incorporate creating and relating into all, or most, of them. So with needles at hand, I stand ready and look forward to 2013 to be an exciting year of knitting (and crochet, spinning and other fiber-ous pursuits) adventure, learning and life.

I hope you are excited for 2013 too, and I wish you a very happy knit year!


  1. Thanks Smitiha, and good luck and best wishes for this new year to you also! :)

  2. I don't believe you can be any more kind than you already are!

  3. Most admirable goals, Robin!! I'd be willing to bet you are already successful at all of them. ;) blessings and happy "knit" year to you, too! blessings ~ tanna