Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bosc Hat & Scarf Set Special

I can't believe it's 'that' time of year again - how do the holidays sneak up so quickly? I've been knitting, running test knits (thank you Laurie, Josefina, Julia and Connie!), photographing, working with tech editors, etc. for my next pattern release and time just got away from me.

Despite being busy with the pattern and feeling under the weather to boot, one thing I'm happy to have accomplished this week was to put together a multi-pattern set including my Bosc Hat and Scarf designs. The set includes both patterns at a savings over the price of each pattern purchased individually.

Because everybody loves a sale, and to celebrate the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving next week, I'm offering an additional 20% savings on the purchase of the Bosc Set (this is an extra savings on top of the discounted set price). The special begins today and only lasts until the end of November (who knows, maybe I'll have another pattern special for December?), 2013. To receive the savings on the Bosc Set at the Ravelry check out, enter coupon code: BoscSet2013

Thanks for stopping by my studio today and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


  1. I just came across your blog. What gorgeous patterns you have! Very difficult to choose a favourite but I think the Lingonberry Loop Cowl Scarf might be something I will make soon. Carla

  2. Hello again, I just found the pattern. Thank you, it is very nicely done. I all defently spend more time on your website. You are very artistic + your website and videos are beautifully done !